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Legal Blogs: How a Blog Benefits Your Firm

Why Should You Start a Blog?

When it comes to running your firm, creating a blog can have surprising benefits. A law blog acts as a means to get information out quickly to clients who might not have had the opportunity to read about it otherwise, and who actively build trust in your firm by getting their knowledge from you.

There are also many other positive effects a blog can provide for the long-term success of your law firm. We have gone into more depth on some of these below:

Find New Clients

The Internet is an extremely powerful force and when used properly, it can gain you a ton of new business. When it comes to needing a lawyer, most clients will do a fair amount of research online before proceeding with a choice.

A great way for law firms to get their name in front of potential clients is to create a legal blog with all of the relevant topics you think they might search for in your areas of practice. This way, when potential clients go looking for answers regarding the type of help they might need, they come across your firm, your face, your contact information, etc.

Build Relationships

When you upload new law firm content regularly, some readers will continue to come back due to the help it continues to provide them. In turn, this kick starts the relationship building process between you and your clients, which could have otherwise taken much longer or only happened through contracting of services and in-person meetings.

Create Trust & Authority

It is also extremely important to build a sense of trust and authority with your clients. If you want to be seen as the premier firm in your area, you need to be able to show your clients proof of this. By blogging on your law firm’s website, you help provide this proof while also showing authority, specifically surrounding thought leadership.

Thought leadership is crucial in the world of law and as the name states, it really only requires two things: thought and leadership. Lawyers who create blogs to disseminate content can be considered thought leaders due to the answers they provide and the critical thinking processes they ignite.

When it comes to the leadership aspect, lawyers help solidify their authoritative position by providing an informed opinion. A blog creates a space for lawyers to give this opinion on a much broader scale than with direct client interaction, while also positioning themselves as the go-to expert in their areas of practice.

Drive Traffic To Your Firm’s Site

Blogging is a quick way to ignite and increase the flow of traffic to your site. Relevant content is such an effective way to garner attention, that it should be treated as a cornerstone of your digital marketing efforts.

Once these articles are written, it is extremely easy to share them wherever you choose. This means that by blogging, you are essentially creating content that can be shared to every other platform your company has. When you include links within these blog articles that lead to other pages on your site, such as contact forms, you will also increase lead capture in a way that would otherwise be intangible.

Create More Opportunities for Engagement

It is important to keep in mind that when creating opportunities for engagement, you want to target the correct audience. If you position your legal blog correctly, you create a way for your clients to interact with you. This can be done through the implementation of a comment section or a separate page that contains a template for contacting you directly.

You also provide yourself with a way to listen to your audience. If you see a certain blog article garnering a higher amount of engagement, you will know that this is a topic your readers and potential clients care about. This should help influence trends in your content and can shape the ways in which you target your clientele.

Improve SEO

Another major benefit to building a blog within your firm’s website is the opportunity to improve your search engine optimization (SEO). It has been shown that indexed pages have increased up to 434% when adding a blog to your site.

When you have more available indexed pages, search engines have a much easier time recognizing your website and are more likely to recommend it in search results. This means that your rankings within search results could increase by a significant percentage, furthering the amount of users that visit your page.

How To Start Building A Blog

Now that we’ve gone over all of the beneficial reasons to begin a legal blog, let’s get into the background on how to begin building one. As we mentioned before, you’ll need to narrow down the audience you’ll want to target.

Target Your Audience

In this case, it would most likely be potential future clients who are searching for answers to legal questions relevant to your practice areas. It is important to keep in mind that when writing your content, you will need to keep your language simple and explain all legal terminology you use; you want to pen articles that your readers will grasp and that doesn’t overwhelm them with legal jargon.

Create Posts with Topic Diversity

You will also need to create blog posts that will be engaging and diverse. Although you want to keep the topics in the realm of your expertise, you also want to keep it engaging every now and then with something that shows the culture or personality of your firm.

By building a mix between trending topics and topics that are not based on current times, you’ll garner readers in two ways: bringing readers in for years to come due to the topic always being relevant in the world of law and drawing attention due to an article topic trending in the media. This will help keep your usual readers entertained and also attract some new engagement.

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