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Everything Your Law Firm Website Needs

Our websites are custom built to the specific needs of law firms, with a strong focus on building credibility, generating leads, and boosting search engine rankings (SEO).

Practice areas, cases, bios, bar admissions, & other common law firm website elements

Awards and accolades, ratings, testimonials, publications, presentations, & other credibility builders

Attorney advertising disclaimers, legal policies, & ADA compliance statements

SEO for better search engine discoverability & social media optimization

Fast, reliable, secure, & professionally managed

Law Firm Web Design Process

You're Busy. Let's Make This Easy.

In our experience, lawyers are super busy and have little time for drawn out projects. Most agencies require an onerous amount of involvement, and lawyers get stuck along the way.

Our process is simpler and streamlined, requiring less work. You provide your content and some guidance, and we’ll build you a well-designed website based on best practices.

100% Managed For You

Ongoing Website Peace of Mind

Your website needs to evolve with your practice – cases tried, updated bios, new practice areas, new hires, awards won, etc. Send us your updates, and we’ll use our expertise to make sure they get added quickly, correctly, and 100% consistent with your branding.

Modern websites also require extensive maintenance because they exist in an ecosystem of ever-changing technologies. Security updates, code updates, vendor changes, new laws and regulations, tech outages, etc.

We handle all of this so your website continues to work for your firm, while you focus on growing your practice.

“Joe worked collaboratively and efficiently with me to design a website for my new venture from scratch. In the years since, my site has always received prompt, effective service and enhancements.”


Gilda Turitz

Turitz Dispute Resolution

Creative Design

Joe is a very talented marketing professional, from creative design & strategy to overall marketing positioning & ad tech. I recommend Joe for all of your creative and marketing needs.
New York, NY

Highly Recommended

The new website is faster, more user-friendly, & reflects a consistent and well-functioning design. I highly recommend Joe and Fletcher Digital!
Washington, DC

Easy & Intuitive

I wanted someone I could rely on to guide me through the process & get the job done on a tight deadline. Joe was that. The project management system was intuitive & made it easy to collaborate. It kept me on track with tasks & informed on status.
Bethesda, MD

Consistently Delivers

I know the power reviews can have on decision making so I only offer a resounding and unqualified vote of confidence when that company will consistently deliver the level of quality I received. This is 100% true with Joe.
Oakland, CA
Why Us?

Skilled, Passionate, and Proven Law Firm Web Design

When you partner with Fletcher Digital, you gain the expertise and best practices honed by 25 years of web design work and our experience serving law firms just like yours.

Don’t settle for generic web design. As a lawyer, you deserve an agency that works on law firm websites day in and day out. Rest assured that your site will have everything a law firm website needs to command attention, boost your reputation, and attract new clients.

Get excited about a beautiful new website and start growing your practice today. Take the next step and drop us a line.

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