Live Chat For Law Firms A Must Have Feature

Live Chat for Law Firms: A Must-Have Feature

For smaller firms looking to gain more clients and revenue, it is no longer enough to simply have a good looking website. Responsiveness to inquiries is also a driving factor in securing new clients today.

When a website visitor reaches out to learn more information about your services, a slow response can mean your firm will miss out on a new client.

Slow response times (or a lack of response all together) aren’t uncommon among firms, but they are costly. According to research done by the ABA, law firms take at least 3 days to respond to voicemail or site form inquiries 42% of the time. By the time a firm gets back in touch, the lead has likely gone elsewhere for legal services.

In a competitive landscape, law firms need to have tools in place to help them capture more leads and boost conversions.

For firms looking to stand out from their competition and improve client experiences, implementing a live chat onto a law firm website is an excellent tool to add to their marketing funnels.

Creating Conversations With Live Chat

Today’s clients have many more options and a wealth of information available right at their fingertips. Clients are now likely to do comparisons and research a business and their competitors before moving forward.

By the time clients reach your website, they have often done quite a bit of studying before they reach out to talk. Clients will often expect readily available information to inform them rather than waiting to jump on a consultation call.

Advantages of Live Chat Over the Traditional Form

Adapting to the behaviors and needs of potential clients through an improved client experience is key to converting potential buyers into clients.

Live chat enables your business to answer inquiries immediately. That quick connection eliminates the downtime associated with filling out a form or writing an email.

Being able to connect with a representative to get questions answered and appointments scheduled can entice interested buyers to continue with your firm rather than checking out a competitor.

The impact of live chat on clients is more than just the ability to book appointments. The client’s experience with your business becomes more involved. They are no longer filling out a static form and hoping for a response. Instead, they are getting answers in real time and engaging with your firm in a deeper, more interactive format.

Having personalized connections builds trust and makes your firm stand out in their minds when considering their options.

How Live Chat Benefits Your Firm

Live chat isn’t just beneficial for retaining leads. Implementing live chat provides the following benefits for firms as well:

Virtual Secretaries and Sales Reps

Live chat providers can act as secretaries and sales representatives to your firm, saving your firm from having to have a dedicated employee available 24/7. When a potential client contacts your firm, live chat sessions introduce site visitors to your business. Basic questions can get answered and general information about a client’s needs are shared.

While the chat doesn’t provide legal advice, clients can be directed to connect directly to a legal professional or have their basic questions answered and information they shared will be properly forwarded for a followup. If a late night inquiry leads to a morning call with the inquirer, the attorney or staff member following up has a far better chance of turning that inquiry into a client.

When clients feel like they are being heard, the effect is akin to having a virtual sales representative present. Once a lead is ready to talk and is active in seeking information, it is likelier that they will move forward with seeking your services.

Qualifying Leads

Unfortunately, not every lead who makes it to your site will be a good fit. A client’s conversation with live chat can qualify leads by informing clients if their needs can’t be met by your firm. This saves the time of both employees and customers.

Improving Conversions

A great live chat interaction can be the start of a successful, new firm-client relationship. Having a responsive, two-way conversation sets positive expectations regarding your firm’s ability to meet the needs of the client.

Additionally, some live chat providers offer AI-power services that allow you to track site visitors and see their behavior on the site. This data allows you to better predict client needs and inform interactions.

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How Fletcher Digital Can Help

Having a live chat for your website can open up new avenues for firms to connect with prospects and convert more leads.

To implement live chat or other modern web design features into your law firm’s website, choose a web design company that has the experience and knowledge to help you fully realize your vision. At Fletcher Digital, we create handcrafted websites that incorporate modern web design features with over 15 years of experience in creating sites that convert. Improve your lead generation by utilizing tactics that top firms use to build credibility, encourage initial contact, and drive new business. Contact us today to learn more about our website design and website redesign services.

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