How Your Website Showcases Your Law Firm's Culture

How Your Website Showcases Your Law Firm’s Culture

Does your law firm website design express your culture?

Let’s face the facts: there are countless law firms, each with their own generic website (if at all). What about your firm appeals to your target audience? The clearer that is to your prospective clients, the better. It all comes down to your firm’s culture, and your website is an excellent way to express that. So, how does your firm’s site measure up?

Do you have authentic photos of your team? 

Just say no to stock photography! It is very easily identified and can make any website look cheap and insincere. Think about it: your prospective clients are looking for representation they can trust. Using only fake images on your website already sends the wrong message.

You can affirm and celebrate your firm’s culture by genuinely portraying your firm and your team. Whether your firm is more traditional and formal or hip and modern, use real photos of your lawyers and staff. Include a welcome video on your homepage, and share snapshots from events that demonstrate your values. For example, if your firm participates in a charity fundraiser, take some candid photos and publish them on your website to boost engagement.

Does your content speak to your audience?

Language is a big part of company culture. How you talk about your firm and to your clients should be consistent everywhere — including your website! Do your webpages express your overall voice, values, and authority? Or are they stuffed with keyword-heavy, generic content?

Try to strike a balance between SEO-friendly web copy and organic, easy-to-read content. Remember, you can be professional and authoritative without being wordy, dry, or internally focused. Your tone is one of the main ways that prospective clients will evaluate your firm and whether your culture is a good fit. Aim for clarity and conciseness, whether you take a casual vibe or a more formal approach. 

Is your website’s aesthetic suited to your company culture?

Modern websites are amazingly customizable as long as certain best practices (e.g. responsive web design) are met, so there’s no need to feel stuck with a traditional “law firm website” template. In fact, a stiff “business” theme might be totally wrong for your company culture. By the same token, having too many bells and whistles on your site could backfire as well.

If you’re embarking on a website redesign, freshen up your site to be responsive, engaging, and user-friendly. That means keeping lots of white space, using no more than two columns in your layout, and organizing your content with vivid, concise headlines. After you meet these best practices, the sky’s the limit! A professional web designer can help you use your fonts, colors, photos, and graphic elements to fully express your company’s personality and culture. 

Also, as mentioned above, be sure that you include real photos rather than stock images. We recommend avoiding clip art or overtly stock imagery in any part of your site. It looks old-fashioned and out-of-touch. 

Do you talk about yourself in an engaging way?

The About Us page is one of the first places prospective clients will go — and unfortunately, it’s often the most neglected page on the site. How often have you updated your firm’s About Us statement? Does it give a dry, boring list of your firm’s attributes, or does it get to the heart of what you do and why?

Spend some time freshening up your About Us page. You can write it in either first person (which will seem more casual) or third person (more formal), but be sure that you highlight your firm’s mission, the values you embrace, and how you work with your clients. Don’t make it too long and cumbersome. Be sure to include a great company photo to add some human appeal. 

Can visitors get to know your team?

One of the biggest problems with many company websites is that they’re impersonal. As they try to present a cohesive front, they accidentally come off as an insincere monolith. They may list all their awards, achievements, and so on … then omit all the people, values, and stories in favor of a sterilized “company line.” That makes it harder for people to engage with them. Moreover, it comes off as inauthentic and opportunistic.. In a saturated industry such as law, companies need to embrace their points of difference — and their team is one of their most compelling assets.

We highly recommend that you include profiles of your lawyers, administrative professionals, and other key members of your firm. Give your website’s visitors a chance to learn about you before they come in for a consultation. This tactic helps build trust. Plus, it affirms your firm’s company culture and shows that you’re backing up your claims.


A powerful law firm website does much more than list your firm’s contact information alongside basic content. Don’t be afraid to translate your core values, mission, and overall culture into a compelling digital experience. Remember, prospective clients are looking for (a) answers to their questions and (b) a sense that your firm can solve their problems. Your culture is a major deciding factor in how they evaluate your offering. Let your company’s unique story, team, and goals shine through your website — and watch your conversion rate rise!

For expert website design and development from an agency devoted to law firm website design, look no further than Fletcher Digital. We’re happy to help your firm connect with your target clients through modern, responsive law website design. Drop us a line, and let’s start your firm’s next chapter.

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