Improve Security, SEO, and Speed for Your Website

Secure Your Website with HTTPS and an SSL Certificate

Chrome Not Secure Warning
If your site does not yet use HTTPS or SSL, Chrome and Firefox alert your visitors that your connection is not secure.
WordPress Login Page Not Secure
Every login to your admin exposes your username and password. Is your admin for WordPress not secure?
Secure WordPress HTTPS
You need to add basic level encryption for your site by setting up HTTPS with an SSL certificate to remove "Not Secure" warnings.

Get HTTPS to Boost Your SEO, Speed, and Security

And build trust and credibility with your customers.

Why Your Website Needs HTTPS and SSL

Secure WordPress Login

Starting in 2017, Chrome and Firefox began explicitly warning visitors to sites without HTTPS that their connection is not secure. Google is pushing “HTTPS Everywhere” because HTTP sites expose information unencrypted, including passwords and browsing history, which allows hackers to exploit your site and visitors.

Chrome shows a subtle warning on all non-HTTPS websites. But Chrome has begun to show a major Not Secure alert on login and credit card pages. Starting in October 2017, this warning will show anywhere a visitor can type something - like a search field or contact form.

Besides security reasons, implementing HTTPS actually has numerous benefits for your site, including speed, SEO, and credibility. Google ranks HTTPS sites higher than HTTP sites in search engine results, so you will improve organic traffic to your site.

HTTPS can also speed up your website and boost your brand by displaying the solid green padlock to visitors - which will soon become a standard security signal users expect.

Improve SEO

Google ranks websites with HTTPS higher in search results.


All websites, even small ones, benefit from increased security.

Increase Speed

HTTPS can speed up most websites by 30%+.

Avoid Warnings

Browsers now warn visitors to regular HTTP sites.

Build Trust

The green padlock boosts credibility.

What Does It Take To Implement HTTPS?

An SSL certificate - and a whole lot more!

Implementing HTTPS Secure Code

Steps to Setup HTTPS in WordPress

Getting and installing an SSL certificate on your server is just the first step. To maximize the SEO, speed, and security benefits, there are a number of pain-staking steps you need to take or else risk breaking things and harming your traffic.

Here’s a brief overview of the necessary steps:

  1. Determine SSL certificate requirements based on your website and hosting.
  2. Purchase or provision SSL certificates.
  3. Install SSL certificates and implement server-side rewrite rules.
  4. Redirect & update URLs, CDNs, javascript, CSS, images, and settings to use HTTPS.
  5. Fix mixed content errors by hand, plugins, or database queries.
  6. Scan your site for errors and run SSL quality tests.
  7. Inform Google Search Console and Analytics about the switch to an HTTPS domain.
  8. Renew SSL certificates before expiration.
Problems Implementing HTTPS for WordPress

Common Problems Implementing HTTPS

  1. Too Many Redirects - Your site becomes inaccessible due to mistakes made while setting up redirects from the old HTTP URLs to the new HTTPS URLs.
  2. SSL certificates not set up correctly can result in Chrome and other browsers blocking your site.
  3. Mixed Content Errors: if you still have references to HTTP resources within your HTML, Chrome will still indicate that your site is not secure.
  4. SEO requirements and analytics - once you switch to HTTPS, your site’s search engine optimization needs to reflect this by updating meta tags, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, etc.
  5. Difficulty with advanced security settings such as HSTS, HSTS preload, TLS 1.2+, and others.
  6. Expired SSL certificates due to missing the renewal and re-installation by the expiration date will result in a Not Secure message once again.

Save Time, Money, and Heartache

Let an experienced WordPress professional install your SSL certificate and set up your HTTPS.

Professional Review

We review your website to evaluate the best, most cost-effective options given your hosting setup.

SSL Certificate Included

An SSL certificate is what encrypts your site and enables HTTPS.

Installation & Configuration

We install SSL, configure various WordPress settings, & force all URLs to HTTPS.

WordPress Plugins

We configure the WordPress SSL plugins appropriate for your site.

HTTPS Error Fixing

"Mixed content" and other HTTPS implementation errors fixed.

SEO Implementation

Step-by-step instructions to inform Google about the switch to HTTPS.

Web Host Communications

We talk to your host as needed to set up necessary configurations.

Summary Report

We provide a summary of all changes made to your WordPress website.

Recommendations Report

Our suggestions for any WordPress enhancements we found along the way.

Why Choose Fletcher Digital?

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  4. Focused on results - SEO, traffic, and speed
  5. Washington DC based
  6. Affordable, high-level service
  7. Fast, reliable, & recommended
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