WordPress HTTPS Setup

It's Time to Upgrade Your Website to HTTPS with an SSL Certificate

Why Your Website Needs HTTPS and SSL

Improve SEO

Google ranks websites with HTTPS higher in search results.


All websites, even small ones, benefit from increased security.

Increase Speed

HTTPS can speed up most websites by 30%+.

Avoid Warnings

Browsers now warn visitors to regular HTTP sites.

Build Trust

The green padlock boosts credibility with SSL.

Browser Warnings!

Chrome and other browsers are warning visitors to your website right now.

Browser Insecure Warning
Information Warning Icons

Any HTTP page on your site already has an info icon telling visitors “Your connection to this site is not secure”.

Browser Not Secure Warning
“Not Secure” Subtle Warning

WordPress login pages are currently labeled “Not Secure”, and ALL pages (like your homepage) will soon be labeled like this.

Chrome Not Secure Warning
“Not Secure” Danger Warning

Eventually, all non-HTTPS pages will receive a scary warning that the page is not secure!

Google is driving an effort to force "HTTPS everywhere" on all webpages. As of today, any webpage that has a login form or credit card form will display a Not Secure warning in the addressbar, while all other pages will have an info icon that says, "Your connection to this site is not secure".

Chrome Not Secure Warning

Steps to Setup HTTPS in WordPress

  1. Determine SSL certificate requirements based on your website and hosting.
  2. Purchase or provision SSL certificates.
  3. Install SSL certificates and implement server-side rewrite rules.
  4. Redirect & update URLs, CDNs, javascript, CSS, images, and settings to use HTTPS.
  5. Fix mixed content errors by hand, plugins, or database queries.
  6. Scan your site for errors and run SSL quality tests.
  7. Inform Google Search Console and Analytics about the switch to an HTTPS domain.
  8. Renew SSL certificates before expiration.

Save Time, Money, and Heartache

Let an experienced WordPress professional install your SSL certificate and set up your HTTPS.

Professional Review

We'll review your website to evaluate the best options given your hosting setup. We'll implement the most cost-effective solution.

Free SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate is what secures the connection with visitors and enables HTTPS. Our setup fee includes the SSL certificate cost.

Installation & Configuration

We'll install SSL, configure various WordPress settings, and update URLs to make your site work with HTTPS.

WordPress Plugins

If needed, we'll determine and configure the appropriate WordPress SSL plugins for your installation.

HTTPS Error Fixing

We'll fix "mixed content" and other common errors that prevent the Secure padlock from displaying.

SEO Implementation

Step-by-step instructions to tell Google about the switch to HTTPS. Or we'll do it for you – your choice.


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