Our Services

Strategy, Design, Development, Maintenance

Digital Strategy and Support

The advantage we provide is that we act as your trusted advisor. We assist you in making difficult, long-term strategies for your web presence. We make sure you pursue a path that is in line with your budget, resources, and objectives – helping you make appropriate trade-offs between costs, technologies, and other factors that set you up for success.

We support every client throughout each project engagement, and will support you and your website after the initial project is complete. As your strategy and website needs evolve, we are there to help.

Web Design & Development

We start by determining your company and website objectives, and strategize the best way to meet your unique needs including design, development, and ongoing maintenance.

We design your site with a modern, contemporary aesthetic, utilizing the latest web technologies and frameworks that allow your site to look and function great for years.

All along the way, we implement the latest best practices and standards in the web industry. You can rest assured your site is professional grade, fast, and secure.

Optimization and Maintenance

Fletcher Digital maintains and optimizes your website for performance:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) to improve your Google search results
  • Landing page optimization to increase your lead generation
  • Page speed optimization for fast delivery and better customer experience
  • All security, WordPress, and plugin updates on a regular basis