Brand Building Web Basics

creativeLIVE video webinar with Porter Gale

I was asked to be a guest for Porter Gale’s creativeLIVE online seminar, Building Your Brand.

I gave an an overview of brand building web basics that new business owners need to consider when launching their brand, building a website, and developing their marketing online.

Here are some of the tips I gave regarding search engine optimization:

Take this list (of on-page search engine optimizations) to your webmaster or your web developer, and say, “I know you’re going to build a great looking website. Behind the scenes, I want you to make sure that it does these things.”

The only thing that most people are going to really notice are fast pageloads, and that is pretty much it. You need your website to load fast because Google does prefer websites that load fast.

So that’s one thing that you can visually see. Behind that, there are all these other things (on-page search engine optimizations) to make sure your webmaster tackles these points.